„Bauer, father, and son“ tells the story of the small country inn „Bauer“, a slightly aged hotel at the fr
inge of a small town. Even though the house has seen better days, Ludwig Bauer runs it with a lot of love for his guests and staff.

He has a much worse relationship with his actual family: his son Joachim Bauer, his hysterical daughter-in-law Sigrid Bauer-Scheweleit, and his spoiled granson Björn-Hergen.

Ludwig Bauer’s kin has little sense for sentimentals. They would rather sell the hotel and put Ludwig Bauer in the retirement home „autumn bliss“ instead – a perspective that causes Ludwig sleepless nights.

n finally a buyer is found and the last paying guest has left the situation seems desperate. But change is coming from an unexpected direction. A solution arises which calls for a certain change of thinking. But difficult times do require unconventional solutions…